Bray-Dunes is located at a crossroads and will give you wings during your stay in our accommodations. In order to make you enjoy your staty at Lla Ferme aux Hirondelles, we suggest you two itineraries that will help you to organize your plans and not miss anything of our beautiful region ! Depending on your wishes, discover an amazing cultural and historical heritage with the Heritage Tour, or enjoy our natural sites with the Sport and Nature Tour!

Heritage Tour

The Remembrance Trails, (Bray-Dunes) at 5 minutes (2 km)

The Remembrance Trails of the Great War guide you through the remembrance sites of Northern France and provide an insight into a major event of European history that affected the entire world.

Bergues (France), at 20 minutes (16 km)

Small Flemish city, Bergues is surrounded by battlements and built around its belfry, which is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The city is also famous through the movie of Dany Boon, called “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis”, and is punctuated by the sound of its bells every fifteen minutes. Do not miss the traditional market every morning to try the best farm products of our region.

Dunkirk (France), at 15 minutes (12 km)

The history of Dunkirk is closely related to the sea. Dunkirk was first a village of fishermen, before becoming a city of pirates such as Jean Bart, the most famous one. Because of its position, Dunkirk has been strongly striked by the wars during the 20th century. The city is now an important industrial center with the third port of France, but Dunkirk also kept its cultural and historical heritage. Between January and March, the Carnival of Dunkirk attracts thousands of people partying in the street with band and drums. The Port Mueseum and its boat—museums present the history of Dunkirk and its port.

Veurne (Belgium), at 14 minutes (12 km)

Veurne is a Flemish city with a strong spanish influence in its architecture and traditions. The Boeteprocessie (procession of the penitents), the last sunday of July, is an event that includes cross-carrying and hooded penitents with the participations of the inhabitants of the city.

Ypres (Belgium), at 30 minutes (35 km)

Strongly striked by the First World War, Ypres has been a victim of barbarism. This part of the Western Front was a place of appalling casualties, and now became a memorial for hundreds of thousands of British families. The destroyed buildings have been rebuilt with a remarkable precision. The museum “In Flanders Fields” uses the most modern technology to relive that terrible time.

Bruges (Belgium), at 50 minutes (67 km)

Bruges is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, and its sights are visited by thousands of tourists during all the year. Often called “the Little Venice of the North” because of the many canals that surrounds the city, Bruges is a typical Flemish city with a lot of museums and cultural places. Not to be missed.

Lille (France), at 55 minutes (76 km)

Lille is the capital of the region Nord-Pas de Calais. It will seduce you with its colourful architecture and its warm welcome. In Vieux Lille and at the Grand Place, the flemish art is combined with the refinement of French architecture. Lille was European Capital of Culture in 2004, and it is a young and dynamic city that offers a wide range of cultural events during all the year.

The Louvre-Lens museum (France), at 1h15 (100 km)

As of 2012, the Louvre Museum was no longer confined to the famous Parisian Palace. The first satellite branch of France’s National treasure-house opened in Lens, in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, on that same year. The Louvre-Lens has since been attracting over one million visitors every year.

Sport & Nature Tour

La Dune Marchand, at 2 minutes (1 km)

The nature reserve of the “Dune Marchand” is an exceptional natural site. It lays on the cities of Bray-Dunes and Zuydcoote. On this area of transition between the seaside and the countryside, hikers will enjoy the fauna and flora on several circuits consisting of a total of 8.5 kilometers. Perfect for a walk into the wild.

The French coast, at 5 minutes (2.5 km)

Farniente, water sports (kitesurfing, sailing, catamaran, etc.), swimming, fishing… the beach is located at only 2.5 km of our accommodations and offers a high variety of activities for beginners and experienced people. From Dunkirk to Bray-Dunes, the bravest people can walk along the twelve kilometers of sandy beach. The others can ride a bike or try the “longe-côte”, a sport which is mostly practiced in our region and consists of walking in the water with a paddle.

The Belgian coast, at 19 minutes (10 km)

De Panne, Koksijde, Nieuwpoort, Ostend… the Belgian coast begins at the border with Bray-Dunes. After a walk on the sandy beaches, take a sweet time and enjoy the icecreams, waffles and excellent Belgian biers! In Nieuwpoort, you can also rent a horizontal net and spend a good fishing time!

The Mounts of Flanders, at 45 minutes (40 km)

The chain of Mouns of Flanders consists of Mont Cassel (178m), Mont des Récollets (159m), Mont de Boeschepe (137m), Mont des Cats (158m) andMont Noir (130m). These sites are ideal for hiking and driving mountain bike, but also for discovering the gastronomic treasures of Flanders in the “estaminets”, small restaurants typical from the North of France and Belgium.

Site des Deux Caps, at 51 minutes (67 km)

The “Site des Deux Caps” (“Site of two capes”) is an exceptionnal natural site of 23 kilometers along the coast. The capes “Blanc-Nez” and “Gris-Nez” offer an amazing landscape and satisfy people interested in archeology and fossils. The cliffs overlooking the sea are home to a wide variety of bird species. When the weather is clear, you can see the British coast, on the other side of the North Sea.

The Audomarois marshes, at 50 minutes (48 km)

The extent of the water and the many ways in which it combines with the surprisingly varied areas of land all add to the charm of an outing in the Marshes. Although the marshes have been cultivated and occupied by man, they contain an outstanding variety of plant and animal life. This area of unspoilt countryside and this remarkable biological treasure deserves to be admired with respect.

Bike excursions

Our flat region is propitious for excursions by bike. Several circuits have been created to discover the region by having a good time alone or with the family. The circuit “Cobergher” will make you roam the green plains that surround us, between France and Belgium.